The Law of Attraction/Kindness Consciousness workshop provides vital information and simple practices that have proven highly effective in  substantially increasing happiness, creativity and productivity of participants.  Happiness is not something that comes to you, it is a choice.  You can learn how to be very happy in nearly any moment and how to attract great relationships and success.

The highest wisdom is loving kindness.

- The Talmud

The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will occur not because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.

- John Naisbitt & Patricia Aburdene, ‘Megatrends 2000’

Personal experience is supported by a growing number of good experiments which show that consciousness and intention have subtle but important effects in the world.

- Global Consciousness Project, Princeton University

The holy grail of science is to find the “Law of Everything.” This could be described as the basic Law which underlies the organization and causation of the physical universe, all matter and all events.  Directly bearing on this is perhaps the greatest discovery in the history of science-- that human beings have a direct and measurable effect on the behavior of atomic particles, the basic building blocks of the material universe.  Experiments in quantum physics now indicate that human consciousness may, in fact, be the primal causation of everything.

It’s beginning to look like, when all the evidence is in, science will prove that the ancient mystic’s view of the universe is true.  This view might be summarized in the “Law of Attraction.”  This Law lies behind old sayings such as—“What you think about, you bring about” and “Life is a mirror.”

This is the good news and the bad news.   Why?  Because this Law says  that you are the creator of your experience of life, totally, no excuses.  To the extent  that your thoughts and feelings are generally driven by unhappiness and insecurity, that’s what you will attract. To the extent your thoughts and feelings are focused on happiness and success, that is what you will attract.  However, most people on this planet have become much more adept at creating what they don’t want in their lives than what they want. Why? Until recently, most of the cultural belief systems on this planet have been driven by the fear based teachings of institutionalized religions. Further, the animalistic view of the nature of humanity was given scientific credibility in Darwinian and Freudian teachings. Thus it is logical that our educational, economic, political and legal systems evolved from a conflict oriented pessimistic view of humanity.  Fortunately, both religions and science are beginning to see things differently.

Kindness Consciousness is the key that opens the door to the extraordinary positive creative power of The Law of Attraction.  When your thoughts and feelings about what you want in your life are positive  enough that you would be happy to share them with other people, you are accessing your highest creative powers.  To the extent you feel that you should hide your true thoughts and feelings from others, you are limiting your powers of communication and your ability to manifest what you want.  The more you focus your thoughts and feelings on what you don’t want in your life, the more you attract those things.

The stronger your desire that the good things that you want in your life be made manifest in other people’s lives, the stronger the reverberations  with the universe at large.  If you want kindness for yourself, give that to others.  If you want abundance in your life, want abundance for others.  If you want gifts, give gifts.  The greatest gift of all is loving-kindness.

Why?  The Dali Lama has said that his religion is “kindness”.  The Buddha said that kindness is many times more powerful than all religious practices combined.  Sai Baba, the great living avatar in India, “Of all the flowers of devotion, God accepts the flower of kindness with the greatest joy.”  The Talmud says, “The highest wisdom is loving kindness.”  Jesus Christ said, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, and “Love your neighbor as you would love yourself.”

Why is the simple practice of kindness so powerful? When you are in a loving, kind state of mind, you are in synchronicity with all everyone on the planet who are holding those same thoughts and feelings. Here’s what researchers at Princeton University have to say: "Recent scientific evidence indicates that effects of coherent group consciousness can be detected with appropriate instruments. Thoughtful examination of the accumulated evidence shows something very remarkable, and the most parsimonious and elegant interpretation is that a global consciousness is at work

“Recent scientific evidence indicates that effects of coherent group consciousness can be detected with appropriate instruments. The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an international collaboration of researchers extending this research to global dimensions via the Internet. The project uses technology and methods designed to record effects of events that stimulate us to integrate as a world-wide consciousness.”

“Thoughtful examination of the accumulated evidence shows something very remarkable, and the most parsimonious and elegant interpretation is that a global consciousness is at work.”.

What this remarkable research is demonstrating is that you are totally capable of sending and receiving thoughts and feelings on the Global Consciousness network. These subtle wavelengths of communication have not only been detected but they have been calibrated and correlated with major world-wide events to the extent that—

“The probability that we are seeing just chance fluctuation is less than one in a million.”

The Global Consciousness Project website

Physicists world-wide are effectively confirming these observations with experiments that prove that human consciousness has direct effects on the basic building blocks of the physical universe, atomic particles.

A professor of physics at the University of Oregon and a member of its Institute of Theoretical Science, Dr. Goswami is part of a growing body of renegade scientists who in recent years have ventured into the domain of the spiritual in an attempt both to interpret the seemingly inexplicable findings of their experiments and to validate their intuitions about the existence of a spiritual dimension of life. The culmination of Goswami's own work is his book The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World. Rooted in an interpretation of the experimental data of quantum physics (the physics of elementary particles), the book weaves together a myriad of findings and theories in fields from artificial intelligence to astronomy to Hindu mysticism in an attempt to show that the discoveries of modern science are in perfect accord with the deepest mystical truths.”

Reference ---

Do not doubt it, you have access to the  highest creative powers of the universe.  Our thoughts are always creating, for better or worse.   The universe responds to the energy we put out-- in kind.  

How do you get into Kindness Consciousness and stay there?  How do you get into a state of mind where you automatically think positive creative thoughts?  A very effective practice is to visualize that every thought you have is “naked” for all to see.  In fact, your thoughts and feelings may as well be visible because they do have direct effects on other people and on events.  So, if you want to fully harness this power, instead of hiding your thoughts, broadcast them.  Make a conscious effort to connect all your creative kind thoughts and feelings with others and the universe.  The more time and power (feeling) you give to such thoughts the greater their effects. 

The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life.  The more positive your thoughts, the better you feel, the more positive your attitude, the better your relations with others.  Can it really be that simple?  Yes, there is plenty of proof about this. But, maintaining consistently positive thinking is difficult for most people.  There are some great practices that help.  One is to start thinking positively the moment you wake up.  Don’t start with the to-do list.  Start with a prayer or by sending your family, friends and associates loving kind feelings.  It is especially helpful to include people with whom you are having difficulties.  When you start your day in a loving kind state of mind, problems tend to solve themselves.

A huge problem is that most people simply do not have substantial control over their thoughts.  If you think you do then just try stopping them.  Try to go one full minute without thinking.  That’s the acid test.  And this is one of the reasons why meditation is so beneficial, because it provides excellent practice in thought control.

What and how we think as individuals, our perception of the world, is largely a result of our parental training, education and experience.  We could call this simply the environment in which we are raised with all of its cultural influences, values and perceptions.  This comprises our primary input, our basic programming.  A substantial component of this programming arises from the constant exposure to a violent and fearful perception of the world as generally presented by TV “programming”, video games, movies and news.  This cultural, educational, mass media focus and emphasis on violence, intense competition and the supreme importance of “winning” is a highly creative, self-fulfilling and very powerful negative force.  This has been demonstrated by numerous clinical trials and ongoing research.  Re-programming habitual negative perceptions and fearful thought patterns in such an environment requires acute attention to the quality of your thoughts and consistent effort.

As you go about your day, pretend (if you don’t already know) that every thought you have is effectively visible and that every feeling you have can be felt by those near you-- and by those you are thinking about.  This practice will make you much more aware of the quality of your thoughts and the feelings they generate. 

If you are about to go into an important meeting, project positive thoughts and feelings to whomever you’re meeting with.  This is especially important if your meeting involves people with whom you’ve had difficult relations.  The more sharply you focus your thoughts and the more positive your feelings, the more powerful the effect.  When you are waiting in line, stuck in traffic or otherwise idle, this is an especially opportune time to practice and project positive thinking. 

Strive to be constantly aware of the quality of your thoughts.  They are the most creative power in your life.  Be acutely aware that when you’re sliding into negative thinking you’re setting the stage for negative results.  A good practice to prevent that and to enhance the positive effects of your thoughts is to simply project loving kindness to other people randomly, to strangers and to the world.  This elevates your thoughts and feelings and generates very positive feedback.  Think of your thoughts and feelings as they radiate out generating powerful waves of positive energy which will be returned to you many times as these waves are reflected and resonated by others all around the planet.  This is the guaranteed result of the Law of Attraction as now confirmed by scientific experiments.  Don’t doubt it.  Positive thinking produces positive results, negative thinking produces negative results.

The intensity of our feelings and the amount of time we devote to a positive thought generates the creative power of attraction.  The desire to share your positive thoughts and feelings with others creates further amplification via the feedback or echo effect. 

You may ask, “How can I think positive thoughts about having a serious disease or some other major problem?”  The answer is that any serious problem presents an opportunity to exercise, improve and prove your creative powers utilizing the Law of Attraction.

Creative Power Formula:

(your thoughts) X (your feelings) X (projection to others) =

Power of Attraction

Kindness consciousness and practices automatically elevate your thoughts and feelings to highly positive levels and in so doing :

Frees people from habitual negative thought patterns.

Frees people from addictive negative feelings.

Directs thoughts and feelings outside of oneself.

Focuses thoughts and feelings on the present rather than the past or future.

Helps people to connect more deeply to others and to their unity with all beings.

Elevates people to an enlightened worldview of relationships.

The Law of Attraction / Kindness Consciousness Workshop provides an in-depth exploration of the concepts, proof and actual experience of the power of Kindness Consciousness and Practices.  The practices take no time or effort away from any activity.  They simply redirect thoughts and feelings from a negative inner-directed bias.  This process, by itself, brings happiness and peace to practitioners.  They feel the difference in the moment they begin the practices, and the benefits are cumulative.  Other people notice the change in your energy and respond more positively to you.  Positive people and events are drawn to you like a magnet.  The more loving kindness you put out, the more is returned to you.

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